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“Nothing great was ever accomplished alone” - Russ Fearon

Throat Threads Apparel was first established as a neckwear company by Russ Fearon who designed the world’s first “casual tie”.

The concept was born from a personal need to wear a tie that went with more of a fashion dress-down look. The world was in the beginning of the real dress/casual movement. Through this building process in classic entrepreneurial style, Russ capitalized on his idea and enthusiasm to build on his success, drive and values to deliver to the Canadian market many new exciting brands and products.

Today the company is very proud to market themselves “a Canadian leader in the fashion industry”, as a Marketing, Sales, Distribution company.

We have many accomplishments including being one of Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies 5 years in a row, recognized in Profit Magazine. We have established partnerships with some of the world’s most famous fashion brands and we continue to seek new ideas and brands, along with examining the marketplace with professional in-house trend experts to maximize the Canadian opportunities in the fashion industry.

Mission Statement:

A leading provider for our respective brands by combining the right human values, technology and resources available to continually perform at the top of our game to deliver the best results to the retail community.


By exploring, engaging and continuously investing in the foundation of our business, we seek to deploy the best Canadian strategy in the apparel and fashion-related industry.

By striving and delivering to the retail community the most exciting products in the fashion and related industry, we will exceed our customer’s expectations. We will instill powerful brands and creative ideas to the marketplace that motivate consumers and push down limits of the things that “can’t be done”.